SCS-40 / (40%) Sodium Cumene Sulfonate


28348-53-0 / 32073-22-6

Molecular Weight

222.24 g/mol

Other Names

Sodium 2-isopropylsulphonate

Sodium cumene sulphonate

Cumene sulphonic Acid, sodium salt

(1-methylethyl)-benzenesulphonic sodium salt

Benzenesulphonicacid, (1-methylethyl)-,sodium salt

SCS 40 / 40%

Molecular Formula


  • Dissolved in water can increase the solubility for low-soluble organic matter, lower down the cloud point of the aqueous formulated products, and reduce the viscousity of the aqueous products. This product can be used as the anti-caking agent for powder cleansing product. Solubilizer, coupling agent, cloud point depressant, viscosity reducer, anti-caking agent in powdered detergent. It is used as an electroplating bath additive and as viscosity reducer for concentrated liquid detergent and as solubilizer and cloud point depressor. Effective in promoting the compatibility of various ingredients present in a multicomponent system.
Commercial use
  1. Detergents, hand wash, shampoo, dish wash.
  2. Wax cleaners, H2S scavengers
  3. Air Mist drilling, Cementing, Corrosion inhibitors, Drilling fuels.
  4. Electoplating industry.