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Pharma Products was established in 1994. We are manufacturers and exporters of chemicals for electroplating, pharmaceutical, perfumery and specialty chemical companies.
We have two sites, one in Taloja and the other one is situated in Badlapur. Both the sites are in close proximity of JNPT which allows us easy access to overseas markets.
Taloja site is dedicated for specialty chemicals and chemicals needed for electroplating industry. Badlapur site is dedicated for Pharma and Perfumery intermediates. Badlapur site is approved by well known Pharma companies.
We can undertake condensation reactions, nucleophilic addition reactions, sulfonations, nitrations, reductions and high vacuum distillations.
Both the sites are well equipped with SS and GL reactors with 1 to 7 KL capacity. We are also in possession of filter press and centrifuge. We have well equipped laboratory which gives us opportunity to develop new products.
We continually strive to meet the customers’ highest expectations by providing value added products and services, establishing quality objectives for constant innovations while utilizing quality management system for total customer satisfaction and a commitment for both, individuals and the team as whole.


Address :

Plot No. 62, New Chemical Zone,
Taloja M.I.D.C., Tal. Panvel,
Dist. Raigad - 410208,
Maharashtra, INDIA

Telefax No. :
(022) 27402296

* Email :

Electroplating Chemicals
Cumene Sulphonate Sodium Powder (93%)
Cumene Sulphonate Sodium (NEOSOL 40)
Pyridinium Hydroxy Sulphobetaine
Bis-Benzene Sulphonimide
 Aroma Chemicals
Benzal Acetone
Pharmaceutical Intermediates
 Anisylacetone (Para-methoxy  Raspberry Ketone)
Detergent Chemicals
Cumene Sulphonate Sodium Powder
Cumene Sulphonate Sodium
Xylene Sulphonate Sodium
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